AIF 2015 Best Paper Award

Please join us to congratulate Junjie Zhao et al. from Greg Parsons’ group in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Chuangming Cheng et al. from Yong Zhu’ group in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering to receive AIF 2015 best paper award. Their research work involves employing many analytical instruments housed at AIF.

The AIF Best Paper Awards are given annually to reward and encourage exceptional research results that utilize the state-of-the-art facilities and staff at AIF. Recipients are selected by a committee of faculty and staff. The award is presented at the annual MRS/ASM/AVS Joint Symposium at NCSU and student authors receive a cash award.

Facile Conversion of Hydroxy Double Salts to Metal–Organic Frameworks Using Metal Oxide Particles and Atomic Layer Deposition Thin-Film Templates

Journal of the American Chemical Society

PI: Gregory Parsons

First author: Junjie Zhao

Large anelasticity and associated energy dissipation in single-crystalline nanowires

Nature Nanotechnology

PI: Yong Zhu

First author: Guangming Cheng