Nov, 2017 – AIF is One of the Five University Core Research Facilities

ORIED has collaborated with the Provost’s Office and other university leaders to identify, establish and support officially designated University Core Research Facilities. In 2013, ORIED and its partners identified two service centers developed by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences — the Cellular and Molecular Imaging Facility (CMIF) and the Genomic Sciences Laboratory (GSL) — as University Core Research Facilities. These facilities are administered and resourced by the Provost’s Office and ORIED. In addition, ORIED and its partners identified two more service centers — the Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) and the NC State Nanofabrication Facility (NNF), both administered by the College of Engineering — as University Core Research Facilities in 2016. ORIED provided these service centers with significant additional resources to upgrade instrumentation and facilities.

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