We Are Hiring! X-ray Microscope (XRM) Postdoctoral Researcher Opening at AIF

The Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) seeks a talented and industrious experimentalist to join our team as an X-ray Microscope (XRM) Postdoctoral Researcher.

Essential Job Duties

Primary responsibilities of the new XRM Postdoc include training new users who are both internal to NC State and from external academic, government, and industrial laboratories, performing service work for clients, collaborating with users on scientific projects and data analysis, and assisting users in performing related microscopy work when needed. The ideal candidate will exhibit a commitment to excellence in all technical and organizational aspects of the role and demonstrate excellent communication skills.

This postdoc position provides deep scholarly training in specific techniques, X-ray microscopy and computed tomography (CT), for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue full-time career paths. The postdoc position is expected to train an individual to pursue a career in large, national microscopy and user facilities, academic or industrial laboratories dedicated to x-ray microscopy, or research-driven professional careers that require the deepest understanding of x-ray microscopy. The scholarly training involves teaching students and other users how to understand and operate x-ray microscopy instruments, staying abreast on current developments in the field, and advancing the techniques and capabilities of instrumentation.

Anticipated Hiring Range


Minimum Education/Experience

Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate (e.g., M.D., D.V.M., Sc.D.) in appropriate field awarded no more than five (5) years from initial date of postdoctoral appointment.

Departmental Required Skills

– A Ph.D. degree or equivalent doctorate degree awarded in a relevant physical science discipline such as materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, or physics no more than five years from initial date of postdoctoral appointment.
– Experience during Ph.D. or other postdoctoral experiences in X-ray microscopy or CT techniques.

Preferred Experience, Skills, Training/Education

– Proficient in operation of Zeiss Xradia instruments and use of associated software tools.
– Hands on experience with multiple commercially available visualization and analysis solutions (e.g., ORS, VG Studio MAX, Avizo, Bit Plane, Matlab, Amira, ImageJ)
– Working knowledge of applications in one of the primary application areas of materials science, life sciences, electronics, or natural resources
– Image processing experience and familiarity of methods/techniques required
– Metrology experience
– Strong writing, communication, and presentation skills on technical scientific content


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