Dr. Chris Winkler appointed TEM Laboratory Manager of the AIF

On May 28, the AIF will welcome Dr. Chris Winkler to the staff as TEM Lab Manager. Dr. Winkler received his BS in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) from Rice University. After working for 5 years on a TEM in industry, Chris went to Drexel University and received his PhD in 2012, largely utilizing TEM-based techniques. Since 2012, he has been the TEM lab manager at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Winkler is interested in all things TEM related, especially in situ TEM techniques, and is eager to join the TEM lab team, Matt Cabral and Toby Tung, in assisting AIF users with training, experimental guidance, and generating high-impact data for presentations and publications. Dr. Winkler’s many years of experience in materials characterization shared user facilities have allowed him to develop knowledge of sample preparation and analysis methods for a wide range of material systems. He has hands-on experience with in situ electrical biasing, heating, cooling, irradiation, and tensile testing in the TEM, and is eager to work with the suite of holders housed within the AIF. Most importantly, Chris prides himself on being knowledgeable, helpful, and available to all users of the AIF. He is always willing to take time to sit down and discuss ways of overcoming obstacles in your research.

Please welcome Dr. Winkler to AIF and to NC State! Please reach out to him to discuss your TEM needs.