Meet Sarah Smith

Tell me a little about yourself!

I am a second year PhD student in Chemical Engineering, working under Dr. Gregory Parsons. It is too soon to guess what I will want to do after graduation, but it will likely be a R&D position in industry. At some point, I would also like to be involved in academia because I enjoy mentoring. When not in lab, I like to trail run and kayak with my dog Leo. I also enjoy cooking!  

What primary instrument(s) are you using for your research and what do you like about it?

For my research, I use the Rigaku Smartlab XRD and FEI Verios SEM most heavily. What I like best is that I am able to operate solo and learn a wide range of techniques. I have also helped other members in my group with prepping TEM samples using the Quanta 3D FIB as well as with imaging using the FEI Talos TEM.

What have you been researching and how is it impacting the community?

My research focuses on immobilization of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) onto bare fibers for chemical warfare agent adsorption and degradation. MOFs can also be used for adsorption of other harmful industrial gasses and atmospheric CO2. Since MOFs are a relatively new material, I believe that their wide potential impact has yet to be discovered. I am hoping to develop economical, scalable methods for MOF growth on fibers and determine chemistries that allows for a wide range of substrates.

Best thing about AIF in 5 words or less?

Helpful, patient staff

Is there a staff member at AIF that has helped you?

I have received loads of help form so many nice people. Specifically, Chuck, BB, Roberto, Fred, Toby, and Chris.

UiO-66-NH2 on Kevlar fibers