Sciencing with Abby

Check out this new video series, Sciencing with Abby! In these videos, Abby Carbone invites kids (and adults) to conduct science experiments with her using supplies they can find at home. She will have two videos for each experiment. Beginner videos are aimed at Kindergarten – 5th grade audiences and advanced at 6th -12th grade.

Abby has worked with the AIF as a staff electron microscopist since the Fall of 2018. At the AIF, she assists with the operation and maintenance of the transmission electron microscopes and interfaces with customers. She graduated in December of 2019 with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from NC State, and plans to attend graduate school for a PhD in Materials Science in the Fall of 2020. In addition to TEM work, she also volunteers with the RTNN promoting nanotechnology outreach in the community.