Current Operating Status & Instructions

With the health of our users and staff in mind, the AIF staff will be operating the instruments themselves in support of your requests in this Phase 1 restart process. This operational mode provides access to sample preparation, measurements, and data analysis in all available laboratories and tools within the AIF. When possible and requested, AIF staff members can share instrument screens and/or connect over platforms such as FaceTime to collaborate virtually during experiments or analyses. These services are available to both internal and external users.

The submission of samples can initiate the process.
The new process for submitting samples involves:
1. Ensure you have a valid user agreement with the AIF. For help with agreements, please visit our website:
2. Submit sample details using one of the following two forms:
     Internal form 
     External form
3. Provide samples. For local users, samples can be dropped off at the North entry door to MRC on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday by prior coordination with Roberto Garcia (text 919-272-4861 to schedule). A social distancing plan is in place for the receipt of samples using a container with enhanced decontamination features.
For any users preferring to mail samples, please use the mailing address:
    Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF)
    Attn: Roberto Garcia
    North Carolina State University
    2410 Campus Shore Drive, Room 246
    Monteith Research Center (MRC)
    Raleigh, NC 27606 USA
    Office Ph: 919-515-8628
4. If you have questions about the process, please email them to