50-in-50: AIF Challenge

[updated 6/10/2021]


CONGRATULATIONS to the AIF lab managers for completing this challenge in just 43 days! The Talos and the Verios were the top two labs that had the most new users. Our lab managers spent over 230 hours to train new users and worked tirelessly to reach this goal. 

While users can continue using the mechanism below to request training, they can also email the lab manager directly or request training via Mendix. You can find more information regarding this process here

AIF’s Director, Jacob Jones, committed AIF to training OVER 50 NEW INDEPENDENT LAB USERS in the next 50 days! Lab managers are being rewarded for their creativity in realizing this goal amidst the continuing health and safety constraints posed due to COVID.

As new training events are scheduled, we will update this news item. 

Your training request will be sent to aif-contact@ncsu.edu

AIF Trainings for the 50-in-50 Challenge

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AIF’s YouTube Channel

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