Meet Hannah Margavio

I am a second year PhD student in chemical engineering in Dr. Parsons group. I study area selective deposition of thin films for applications in liquid solar fuels and semiconductor device fabrication. When I’m not in the lab in EB1 or MRC, I love being outside, watching squirrels and birds. I also love reading, yoga, and embroidering. After I finish my degree, my goal is to help others understand their materials by becoming a microscopist at a university or national lab.

What instruments are you using for your research and why do you like them?

I use the Verios SEM, Quanta FIB, and Talos TEM to visualize and quantify selective deposition of my films. Microscopes are absolutely vital to getting children and underrepresented groups and minorities excited about science. No matter what type of education one received, viewing an aesthetically appealing and interesting image or micrograph is an exciting experience for anyone. Almost like an artform, exceptional micrographs are almost universally enjoyed.

What have you been researching and how is it impacting the community?

My research is focused on understanding the fundamentals of area selective deposition (ASD) in order to expand the material pool from which materials can be patterned, thus opening the door for new applications of patterned thin films. Specifically, I am studying a new mechanism for ASD based on the simultaneous deposition of the desired material and sacrificial etching of a neighboring material using the same reaction conditions for both processes.

Thin W film deposited on Si features by ALD

What have you learned from your experience at AIF?

From my experience at AIF, I learned that people from all backgrounds can relate to each other in that we are all very excited about materials characterization–this is really beautiful considering how many disciplines and backgrounds are represented at AIF.

Best thing about AIF in 5 words or less? 

passionate and helpful staff

Is there a staff member at AIF that has helped you?

Special shout out to Chuck Mooney, Chris Winkler, Roberto Garcia, and Fred Stevie!