The FEI Titan 80-300 probe aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) with monochromator is an advanced analytical workstation:

  • The field emission electron source (X-FEG) delivers high density and high coherent electron beam;
  • The three-condenser lens system ensures a nanometer size parallel electron beam generated;
  • The SuperX Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (SuperX EDS) system with the four Bruker Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD), is able to collect characteristic X-Ray signal at high counts per second;
  • The combination of X-FEG and SuperX EDS together is called ChemiSTEM Technology, which makes elemental mapping at atomic level possible;
  • The monochromator makes sure the energy resolution of the electron source is as high as 0.2 eV, which allows electron energy-loss spectrum (EELS) to be collected at atomic level;
  • Tomography function allows 3-Dimensional re-construction.

Equipment Specifications

High Voltage
  • Three factory pre-aligned high voltages: 80 kV, 200 kV, and 300 kV
  • TEM Mode: point-to-point: 0.20 nm, information limit: 0.10 nm
  • STEM Mode: 0.07 nm (sub-Angstrom)
Energy Resolution
  • 0.8 eV (non-monochromated)
  • 0.15 eV (monochromated)
Sample holders
  • Single-tilt holder
  • Double-tilt holder: ±20°
  • Tomography holder (Fischione): ±70°
  • Protochips double-tilt heating holder (Aduro)
  • Bruker 4 SDD EDS system (Resolution: 136 eV): point mode, line scan, mapping, hyper mapping
  • STEM bright field and dark field imaging, including bright field detector, high angle annular dark field detector (HAADF), and two annular dark field detectors to cover different angle range
  • Gatan Electron Energy-loss spectrometer  (EELS), capable of spectrum imaging (resolution 0.15 eV)
  • Bruker Esprit 1.8 on-line and off-line versions
  • Gatan DigitalMicrograph on-line and off-line versions
  • Tomography software

Fast Atomic EELS Map of GaAs

fast atomic EELS map