Focused Ion Beam & Scanning Electron Microscope – ThermoFisher Quanta 3D FEG

The ThermoFisher Quanta 3D FEG is a DualBeam instrument that combines a traditional Field Emission column with a FIB column to complement characterization laboratory tools and extend application range to 3D characterization and nanoanalysis, TEM sample preparation, or structural modification of sample surfaces at the nanometer scale.

This instrument features live SEM imaging while FIB milling, making it a superior solution for fast preparation of large samples over a wide range of materials.  It is now possible to increase sample throughput by using Quanta’s high-current FIB for fast material removal. An Omniprobe micro manipulator  is available for in-situ TEM cross section sample lift-out. Chemically enhanced etching can be completed of polymers, diamond, oxides and metals, as well as biological samples.

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Location: MRC room 119

Watch the FIB Introduction Seminar Here


Reporter Course: Quanta STEM Detector


FIB Shutdown Procedure


Emergency Reboot Procedures


Equipment Specifications

  • High Resolution Field Emission Gun SEM column
  • High current Ga Liquid Metal Ion Gun FIB column
  • Secondary Electron Imaging
  • In Situ Pt gas injection system
  • In Situ Carbon etch system
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Electron Back Scattered Detector (EBSD)
  • Transmission Kikuchi Detector (TKD)
  • Retractable Directional Back-Scattered Detector (DBS)
  • Retractable STEM Detector
  • Aduro hot stage
Accelerating Voltage
  • 0.5- 30 kV
  • 30X – 1,000,000X
SEM Resolution
  • 1.2 nm @ 30kV in high vacuum
FIB Resolution
  • 7 nm @ 30kV
Working Distance
  • 5-60 mm
Specimen Stage
  • Eucentric tilt -20 to +70
  • Rotate 360
  • x = 80 mm
  • y = 40 mm
  • z = 26 mm