Guidelines for AIF

The AIF hosts a wide range of state of the art material characterization tools ranging from electron microscopy to X-ray diffraction to surface chemical analysis. These tools are capable of solving a wide range of problems, from failure analysis to corrosion and contamination identification, to answering the unknown, like structural identification and purity evaluation. Most of the time, one technique cannot solve all issues raised. When you have material analysis needs but have little knowledge on material characterization techniques, you may wonder which one(s) you should use. AIF staff would like to make this easy for you. Please see the guidelines below to get started.

Materials Analyzed

Organic/inorganic coatings
Thin films
Plants and biomaterials
Composite materials


Failure analysis
Root cause investigation
Materials testing and identification
Corrosion and contamination identification
Adhesion and bonding problems
Composition measurement
Surface chemistry and cleanliness
Morphology and topography
Trace element analysis

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