TEM Laboratory – Staff and Steering Commitee


edickey_sm Elizabeth Dickey Associate Director 919.515.0493 ecdickey@ncsu.edu
jlebeau_sm James LeBeau Lead of Titan Project 919.515.5049 jmlebeau@ncsu.edu
Yang Liu_photo1 Yang Liu TEM Lab Manager 919.513.0751 yliu78@ncsu.edu
rgarcia_sm Roberto Garcia Sample Prep and Metallography Lab Manager 919.515.8628 rgarcia@ncsu.edu
Xiahan Rohan Dhall Postdoctoral Research Scholar 919.515.5416 rdhall2@ncsu.edu


Steering Committee

James LeBeau (Chair) Department of Materials Science and Engineering College of Engineering
Russell Gorga Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science College of Textiles
Paul Maggard Department of Chemistry College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Korukonda Murty Department of Nuclear Engineering College of Engineering
Jagdish Narayan Department of Materials Science and Engineering College of Engineering
Richard Spontak Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering College of Engineering
Yuntian Zhu Department of Materials Science and Engineering College of Engineering


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