TEM – Sample Preparation

AIFs TEM Laboratory maintains a well-equipped Sample Preparation Facility, which is available to Users.

Equipment Make and Model
Low angle Ion Milling and Polishing System Fischione Instruments Model 1010
TEM Mill Fischione Instruments Model 1050
Multiprep Polishers Allied HighTech
Low-speed Diamond Saw Allied HighTech
Grinder/Polisher Buehler ECOMET 3
Optical Microscope Zeiss AX10
Advanced Coater PELCO PAC-1
Plasma Etcher SPI Plasma Prep II
Twin-jet Electro-polisher Struers Tenupol-2
Ultrasonic Cutter South Bay SoniCut 380
Disk Cutter South Bay Model 350
Dimpler Grinder Gatan Model 656
Cryo Ultramicrotome Leica