Ultramicrotome – Leica UC7

Microtomed sections floating in boat

The Leica UC7 Cryo Ultramicrotome is a state of the art Ultramicrotome for sample preparation. Thin sections from 90-500nm can be obtained from soft materials for TEM, SEM, AFM, OM or SIMS analysis. The UC7 also has an attached cryo unit that allows for sectioning at low temperatures for sectioning of very soft materials.  AIF has Epon embedding media and a temperature controlled oven for repeatable and consistent curing of the epoxy. AIF also has a glass knife maker along with glass strips to make disposable glass knives. Users wanting to use diamond knives need to provide their own.

Questions? Contact Yang Liu at yliu78@ncsu.edu

Leica UC7 Cryo Ultramicrotome
Section Thickness 20 – 500nm
Temperature Range -185°C – Tr
Imaging Digital Camera
Knives Glass knives supplied
Diamond knives supplied by users