AIF Program Specialist Wins COE Award of Excellence

Anna Lumpkin is recognized as a 2020 winner of the NC State College of Engineering Award for Excellence. Anna is one of only two winners in the SHRA employee classification. The NC State University Awards for Excellence recognize the meritorious accomplishments and contributions of individual employeesnotable contributions that are above and beyond an employee’s normal job responsibilities, and are so singularly outstanding that special recognition is justified.
Anna’s award is in the category of Customer Service, which recognizes an employee who provides/provided exceptional service that leaves the customer fully satisfied with their experience. 
Anna is literally at the “front lines” with customers (pre- and post-pandemic) as her desk is located immediately inside the main AIF office suite. Her friendly and helpful demeanor is a key aspect of how AIF is presented to internal and external customers. Many times each day, Anna goes out of her way to help customers, e.g. to gain access to specific laboratories and connect them to the appropriate technical staff members who may be located across the two buildings in which AIF is housed. During the pandemic, Anna does this electronically, consistently conscientious about the customer experience. 
In addition to providing in-person customer support, Anna works with and has continuously innovated several of our front-end and back-end systems and processes that support customers in various ways. This includes a new, dynamic website that she built, a social media campaign that she manages to promote opportunities, leading the establishment of a new internal system for customers to request training and instrument time and bill customers’ research and education projects, and creating a new “AIF User Spotlight” to highlight on the AIF website and disseminate in the newsletter.
More details on the university staff award program can be found here.

Anna’s contributions at NC State stand out as exemplary in the areas of customer service and the staff, faculty, and students who run and utilize the AIF are incredibly proud of her service, dedication, and accomplishments.