Best Paper Awards

Users of the AIF publish their work in a variety of research journals. A current list of peer-reviewed journal articles that include AIF results can be found here. Many of these publications receive national attention through news media or recognition in scientific communities. For example, a paper titled “Anticancer Platelet-Mimicking Nanovehicles” was highlighted in an NC State press release. AIF gives a “Best Paper” award each year to two papers that utilize instruments or services of the AIF.

2013 –

Awards winners: Kun Fu (PI: Philip Bradford) and Houston Dycus (PI: James LeBeau)

2014 –

Awards winners: Sarah E. Atanasov (PI: Gregory Parsons) and Nacole King (PI: Paul A. Maggard)

2015 –

Awards winners: Junjie Zhao (PI: Gregory Parsons) and Guangming Chen (PI: Yong Zhu)

2016 –

Award winners: Yanqi Ye (PI: Zhen Gu) and Kelly Stano (PI: Philip Bradford)

2017 –

Award winners: Katherine Marusak (PI: Joseph Tracy) and Nathalia Oriz (PI: Gufeng Wang)

2018 –

Award winners: Zaynab Mahbooba (PI: Ola Harrysson) and Masoud Ghasemi (PI: Harald Ade)


Award winners: Emily Mihalko (PI: Ashley Brown) and Zhiren Luo (PI: Dr. Chih-Hao Chang)


Award winners: Shelby Boyd (PI: Veronica Augustyn) and Aurore Canoville (PI: Lindsay Zanno)


Award winners: Srivatsan Ramesh (PI: Stefano Menegatti) and Alex Hsain (PI: Jacob Jones)