Nov 10th, 2017 – Carolina Science Symposium at NCSU

AIF Is Pleased To Host Carolina Science Symposium this year on Nov. 10th, 2017 (previously be MRS/ASM/AVS joint symposium).


Meeting Overview

We are pleased to continue a joint symposium between the Materials Research Society, ASM International and the American Vacuum Society.  The meeting is expected to draw about 100 participants, both locally and from the surrounding region. Topics in materials science, processing, nanotechnology, characterization, and biomaterials will be presented by both invited and selected student contributors.For more information consult the meeting flyer

Invited Speakers and Topics (TBD)

John Paul Maria (NCSU) – TBD





The meeting will be held at the NC State University Mckimmon Center. Parking is free. Please click here for location information and directions.

For those coming in from out of town and spending the night, please note that you are eligible to receive the NCSU rate when you reserve a room at either the Holiday Inn Express on Gorman Street or at the DoubleTree on Hillsborough Street. Be sure to request the NCSU rate at the time you make your reservation.

Meeting Registration

Meeting registration is now open online.
Students will be asked to indicate whether they would like to submit a poster or paper after registering. Abstract submission and registration can be done using the same form.

The registration fee includes lunch and coffee service in the morning and afternoon. It may be paid at the time of the meeting or in advance by check only.

Meeting Registration Fees
Professional $20.00
Student $10.00

Please make checks payable to Materials Research Society and mail to:

NC State University
c/o Fred Stevie
Campus Box 7531 Room 318 MRC
2410 Campus Shore Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27695

Note: If you submit a poster you are automatically registered for the meeting. However, if there will be more than one author attending, each person will have to register separately.

Vendor Registration

Online vendor registration is open.
Submitting the form automatically registers the Company Representative for the meeting. Vendor registration includes a 1-page advertisement in the digital proceedings and placement of the company logo on the meeting webpage.

Vendor registration fees
Registration $100
Registration + Table Fee* $250

Please make checks payable to Materials Research Society and mail to:

NC State University
c/o Fred Stevie
Campus Box 7531 Room 318 MRC
2410 Campus Shore Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27695

Please send 1-page advertisement (DOC, DOCX, or PDF  format) and company logo (JPG or PNG format) to Roberto Garcia at

*Space is limited, so register early to guarantee a table

Student Poster/Oral Sessions

A student poster session will be held and 3 student contributed papers will be selected for 15 minute oral presentations. When registering, you will be asked to indicate whether the abstract should be considered for a poster or for a talk (eligible for an oral presentation). Cash prizes will be awarded for the best student oral presentation and for the top 3 poster presentations. Poster size up to 48 in by 36 in. First 32 posters submitted will be judged. Later submissions can be displayed but not judged. Over $1k prizes to be awarded. Primary authors will be asked to register for the Symposium if they have not already done so. Abstract deadline is Nov. 3.

Abstract and Poster requirements

  • Please use plain text for abstract submission
  • Poster size should be 48 inches by 36 inches

Meeting Contacts

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Carrie Donley UNC-CH 919.843.2859
Fred Stevie NCSU 919.515.7037
John Lannon, Jr. RTI 919.248.1872
Shanthi Iyer NCA&T
Roberto Garcia NCSU 919.515.8628
Toby Tung NCSU 919.515.1676
Charles Parker Duke 919.660.5592
Joe Becker Kurt J. Lesker 919.562.9967
Phillip Strader RTNN
Maude Cuchiara RTNN



Mar 27th 2017 – Instrumentation Updates

With the support of Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development (ORIED), Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network (RTNN) and several faculty members from COE, AIF will house a new Asylum AFM and a Horiba Raman Microscope, as well as retractable STEM and DBS detectors in our FEI Quanta FIB-SEM instrument.

Asylum AFM

This Asylum AFM includes MFP-3D head, XY scanner  and a base. The MFP-3D head offers low noise and precise measurements of the cantilever position for accurate force and topography measurement. The XY-scanner provides flat scans and the ability to accurately zoom and offset with one mouse click. The 3D base offers three configurations for illuminating and viewing samples: top view for opaque samples, bottom view for transparent samples and dual view for both viewing options.

Horiba Raman Microscope

This XploRA PLUS Confocal Raman Microscope includes integrated imaging spectrometer with 4 gratings mounted on motorized turret for full resolution, range and coverage as well as low noise full range CCD detector. It comes with motorized computer controlled 6 position ND filter wheel, confocal pinhole, entrance slit and coupling optics, laser and filter selection. The instrument includes 532 nm and 785 nm Raman excitation laser sources. It offers fast confocal imaging, automated laser wavelength switching. It provides sample identification and chemical imaging on a microscopic scale.

Retractable Detectors on FEI Quanta

Retractable Annular STEM detector enables scanning transmission imaging in bright field, dark field and high-angle dark field modes. The detector includes a special sample holder that can hold up to 6 TEM grids and is compatible with the holder used in FEI dual beams for thin sample preparations.

Retractable Directional Back-scattered (DBS) detectors features four concentric ring segments that enable separate detection of electrons emitted at different angles. This detector is an ultra-sensitive, Solid State (SS) detector which is sensitive to emitted electrons from 500 V onwards. Using the option beam deceleration, images with beam landing energies down to 50  V are possible. This detector is mounted on a software-controlled retractable arm and allows simultaneous EDS spectra acquisition for WD ≥ 10 mm.



May 12th 2017 – Basic Vacuum Technology Short Course


Date Friday, May 12th, 2017
Time  8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Location Monteith Research Center, Rm 320 (NCSU Centennial Campus)
Instructor Fred Stevie
Registration Cost NCSU student $50; non-profit $50; industry $350

This is primarily a hands on course with some lecture time. Individuals will work on two functioning vacuum systems. Each attendee will manually remove and install components to learn practical knowledge when dealing with vacuum systems. Covered components include forepumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumps, thermocouple and cold cathode gauges, valves, flanges, and feedthroughs.

In addition to hands-on instruction, attendees will receive the following:

  • Digital copy of lecture materials
  • Tour of AIF facility


The course instructor will be Fred Stevie. Fred has 40 years of experience with vacuum instrumentation and is an American Vacuum Society instructor. He is currently responsible for the Surface Analysis Laboratory at NC State.