Which SEM Lab Manager Are You?

Want to know which lab manager you are? Take the quiz to find out!

How do your friends describe you?

Marc Hall

What was or is your favorite subject at school?

Marc Hall

What can we find you doing on the weekend?

Marc Hall

If you could be anything, what would you be?

NC State University

If you were an AIF lab manager, what would be your favorite part of the job?

NC State University

Roberto Garcia

If you were an SEM lab manager, you'd be Roberto Garcia. You are very dependable, innovative, and easy to be around. You're a whiz at math and love to create masterpieces in the kitchen!
Toby Tung

If you were an SEM lab manager, you’d be Toby Tung. You are incredibly friendly and very easy to talk to. Your friends can find you tinkering with different projects while daydreaming about exploring other planets!
Chuck Mooney

If you were an SEM lab manager, you’d be Chuck Mooney. You prefer company in your own home and love exploring outside. When you are stuck indoors, your friends can find you experimenting with fun technology and new gadgets!
Phillip Strader

If you were an SEM lab manager, you’d be Phillip Strader. With a coffee in hand, music in your ears, and a to do list ready to go, you’re ready to tackle the day! You love to learn new things and are always willing to lend a helping hand.