Cool Science: Solar Cell Operation


“The stability of organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells is limited by degradation from oxygen and water. Yang et al. show that in situ reaction of perovskites with sulfate or phosphate ions can create thin, strongly bonded lead oxysalt layers that protect defect sites. This layer also boosts charge carrier lifetimes that lead to a power conversion efficiency of more than 20%. Encapsulated devices maintained about 97% of this efficiency with simulated solar irradiation for nearly 2 months at a realistic operation temperature of 65°C.”

Science, Vol. 365, Issue 6452, p. 473 (2019)

Dr. Jinsong Huang and other collaborators have been working to improve solar cell materials by incorporating lead oxysalt layers. This layer helps improve durability and power conversion efficiency of solar cells. AIF staff worked with Jinsong Huang’s research group to collect an image using the FEI Talos F200X of the perovskite/lead sulfate/C60 interface (figure B below).