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Stephen Podowitz-Thomas                                         Postdoctoral Research Associate


                                Phone:      (919) 515-7659

                                Location:  320 MRC


Dr. Stephen Podowitz-Thomas received his B.S. from Columbia University in 2005 and his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2011, both in Materials Science and Engineering. Before coming to NC State, he worked in R&D of phosphor materials at an LED lighting start up in the Bay Area. Stephen’s current research focuses on strain state characterization and failure analysis in highly strained optical thin-film multilayers, using EBSD and in situ X-ray diffraction. His research has also focused on process-structure-property relationship and defect analysis in ceramics, using optical and IR spectroscopies and electron microscopy. He is also engaged in projects related to
nano mechanical analysis at AIF, using nanoindentation.



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