Time-of-Flight SIMS – ION-TOF SIMS 5

The ION TOF TOF-SIMS5 Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (TOF-SIMS) is a highly sensitive surface analytical technique, using a pulsed and focused ion beam and time-of-flight analyzer to produce positive and negative mass spectra and mass spectral images from the outer 1 to 2nm of materials. It is capable of providing detailed information about the molecular structure of surfaces. Imaging TOF SIMS provides spatial distribution of different species to yield surface reactivity maps. Its high mass resolution and high mass range makes this system adept at both elemental and molecular surface analysis. Data can collected in a “static” mode with minimal damage to the sample surface or in depth profile mode for in depth elemental and, in many cases, molecular analysis.

retrospective analysis allows to show images of ions of interest and spectra of areas of interest

retrospective analysis allows to show images of ions of interest and spectra of areas of interest


Watch the ToF SIMS Introduction Seminar here.


Questions? Contact Elaine Zhou at czhou@ncsu.edu
Location: MRC room 320

Equipment Specifications

  • High mass resolution mass spectrum and high spatial resolution mass spectral imaging
  • Dual beam depth profiling
  • Oxygen and other gas flood for ion yield enhancement
  • CCD high resolution cameras to allow location of region to be analyzed
  • Low energy electron gun for charge compensation
  • Cryogenic and heating capability in introduction and analytical chamber
Ion Gun
  • Bi+
  • Cs+
  • C60+
Mass Analyzer
  • ION TOF reflectron energy compensating TOF mass analyzer with approximately 2 meter path length
  • Mass range 0-10,000 amu
  • Mass resolution >10000
  • Spatial resolution <300nm
Beam Energy
  • 25 kV Bi+
  • 10 kV Cs+ and C60+
Pulse Width
  • <1 ns bunched
Analyzer Control Electronics
  • Bipolar supply for the focusing and steering elements
  • Electron gun for charge neutralization
Detector Optics
  • Optics: microchannel plate with phosphor screen/photomultiplier
  • Electronics: 2048–stop Time-to-Digital converter with 50 ps minimum time resolution
  • Supply: Channel plate multiplier with post acceleration bias with integrated pulsing and bunching
  • 5 axis motorized stage: X, Y, Z, tilt, rotation


TOF-SIMS Sample Submission

TOF SIMS Turn on procedure

TOF SIMS general experiment description