TEM Laboratory – Guidelines

The following Guidelines are for NCSU students and faculty members who access AIF’s Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory, which includes facilities in Monteith Research Center (MRC) and Engineering Building 1 (EB1). Facility Hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Environmental Health and Safety

Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) are complex instruments that have high voltage and X-ray generating sources. In the sample preparation laboratory, chemicals wastes are generated everyday. Since the dose generated by TEM is very low, it is not necessary to monitor the accumulated amount of exposure. It is not required for operators to receive X-Ray Radiation Training, but operators bear in mind that electron microscopes do generate x-rays.

If chemicals are involved in sample preparation, Laboratory Waste Training will need to be completed. Once the training is finished, you will need to take a quick test. A certificate will be sent to you by email. Please forward this certificate to the lab manager.

Before starting sample preparation and TEM use, check with your supervisor or TEM Lab staff about related training sessions that may be specific to your research project.

Data Storage and Transfer

In general, data are stored on the instrument computers and then transferred to a separate computer for temporary data storage and transfer. Copying data via a flash drive directly from the instrument computer is forbidden. A separate computer or a server connected to the instrument computer serves as the data transfer station. Users can first transfer the data to this computer through internal network, then copy the data by either flash drive, or transfer through FTP, and download from their office.

The TEM facility will try to keep the data as long as possible, but it is the user’s responsibility to archive and backup their own data.

TEM instrument computers may not be used to access the internet. Users can only access the internet by using their own laptop, or a separate, non-instrument computer in the lab.

Cancellation Policy

  • To avoid a charge, cancellation of a reserved session must be received 24 hours in advance by email to the Lab Manager
  • The minimum charge for a canceled session is 1 hour
  • If a user is more than 30 minutes for their reserved session, the session will be canceled automatically


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