2019 CSS Success

This year’s Carolina Science Symposium had the highest attendance to date!

With 127 participants, 15 vendors, and a lot of planning, we had a very successful event that was full of interesting talks and fun science discussions. 

Congratulations to the 2019 CSS Award Winners!

Over 100 students applied for the awards listed below.

Overall, the award winners received $2,350.

AwardName(s)Amount Awarded
AIF Best Paper AwardEmily Mihalko and Zhiren Luo (NC State)$200 each
Student Oral 1st Prize (Sponsored by RTNN)James Custer (UNC)$200
Student Poster 1st prize (Sponsored by Mid-Atlantic AVS ($500) and UC Components $100))Ruocun Wang (NC State)$600
Student Poster 2nd prizeMehul Parakh (NC A&T)$250
Student Poster 3rd prize (sponsored by Kurt Lesker and All Scientific)Kathleen (Kat) Horvath (Duke) and Sahil Tahiliani (NC A&T)$100 each
NNF Student poster prizeYounghwan Lee (NC State)$250
ASM Hans Stadelmaier AwardJon Meyers (UNC)$100
Mike Rigsbee Photo ContestJon Meyers (UNC) and Sarah Morley (UNC)$50 each
AFM Image Competition (sponsored by Asylum) Sajedeh Pourianejad (UNCG)$50
Various awards (random drawings)Jon Meyers (UNC), Sarah Morley (UNC), Jianwei Zhao (NC State), and
Shisir Devkota (NCAT)
Full 2019 CSS Program